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ACCPA Procurement Community of Practice 25 August 2022 meeting

Ongoing purchase of PPE

This included whether there was still a commitment by the Commonwealth to supply PPE during times of outbreak, the cost effectiveness of purchasing PPE through the national stockpile, and the availability of grants. We are pleased to provide to ACCPA Members the latest information from the Commonwealth.

Accessing PPE:

  • RACFs that are in outbreak can request PPE from the National Medical Stockpile (NMS) until 31 December 2022. This can be done through the My Aged Care Provider Portal. Emergency  (smaller packs) and large replacement packs can be ordered through the MAC Portal when RACFS are in outbreak.
  • Providers remain responsible for ensuring they have sufficient PPE stock on hand in preparation and readiness for future outbreaks, and there is an expectation that providers will first attempt to source PPE through their usual commercial supply chains. The cost of this when in outbreak can be claimed through the Aged Care Support Program Extension Grant
  • Please see the attached for a detailed guide on how to navigate the portal to request PPE (page 19).


  • As part of the Aged Care Support Program Extension Grant, purchases of additional PPE during an outbreak impact period can be reimbursed.
  • The grant has been extended until 31 January 2023 to support aged care providers with Covid-19 related costs incurred up until 31 December 2022 – more information.
  • Applications can be done through the grants connect portal: COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program Extension Grant

Additional advice from the procurement experts of the ACCPA Procurement Community of Practice:

  1. It is important to check the pricing of items being purchased through the National Stockpile against external suppliers. Members of ACCPA Procurement spoke of more cost-effective and readily available product from current suppliers. A number of suppliers are clearing their own over stocked warehouses at discounted prices. Be wary of “use by dates” from the NEM and from all suppliers.
  2. It is recommended to not store more than 3 months of PPE, as only PPE used during an Outbreak can be claimed for grant purposes. Records of usage and purchase must be produced as evidence of any claim.
  3. Do consider the cost of storing excess PPE. For example, if rooms in aged care facilities are being used for storage rather than accommodating potential residents, then this impacts revenue for the facility. Consider listing excess PPE on the ACCPA Procurement site as a FOC to other providers who may be able to make use of the excess PPE instead of reaching “use by dates” and then waste to landfill. You can access the ACCPA Procurement portal by visiting