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ACCPA InnovAGEING program empowers change

What does innovation look like in the aged care sector?

The landscape of aged care is changing as we enter a technological revolution that promises to redefine how care is optimised and delivered.

With an ageing population, our sector must grow and adapt to support the continued delivery of high-quality care for older Australians.

From innovative business and workforce models to digital health records enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of care, and AI-driven diagnostics and personalised care plans, the possibilities are encouragingly endless.

At a time of significant reform, purposeful implementation of innovation and technology solutions within aged and community care is creating a capable and scalable sector that fosters continuous improvement.

Doing its part, the Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) is championing the innovation and technology transformation agenda by encouraging big picture thinking and showcasing best-practice advancements through the InnovAGEING program.

Dedicated to Australian innovation, ACCPA InnovAGEING aims to promote the continued delivery of person-centred care, by supporting transformative technology and innovation.

On a global scale, ACCPA InnovAGEING aims to share, develop and define leading practices to shape the delivery and future of care in collaboration with the sector.

“At ACCPA, we’re dedicated to securing opportunities that support innovation at every stage, from inception to maturity, on matters that have the most impact,” said ACCPA Senior Manager Innovation, Julie Anderson. “Through ACCPA InnovAGEING we intend to expand those opportunities and build strong foundations for the sector, create better pathways for providers, support system and process development, and facilitate learnings and uptake of evidence-based solutions.”

Innovation was showcased at the 2024 World Ageing Festival, hosted by Ageing Asia in Singapore during May, where Australian examples of excellence were acknowledged in the 12th Annual Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards.

In fact, Australian aged care providers and suppliers took out 46 finalist places at the awards and 14 separate winner awards across 10 categories.

The winning Australian innovators were Ryman Healthcare Australia, Bolton Clarke, Mark Moran Group, Rockpool Pelican Waters, The Pure Food Co, Kradal Flooring, McLean Care with iAgeHealth, mCare Digital, Kalyra and the Australian Nursing Home Foundation (ANHF).

Ryman Healthcare Australia won four separate award titles, while Bolton Clarke won two.

Ryman’s CEO Cameron Holland said Ryman’s success at the awards was recognition of the expertise and passion of teams right across the business. “As a business we’re constantly looking for innovative solutions to enhance freedom, connection and wellbeing for people as we grow older. “While innovation comes in many different forms, the best innovations are always simple and intuitive, and have people at their heart.

“Ryman villages are successful because they’re built and operated to cater for the unique lifestyle and health needs of each resident so they can live their best lives wherever they are on their ageing journey.”

The ANHF won the ‘Innovation of the Year – Rehabilitation Program’ for their Senior Boxing and Technology Enhanced Exercising Program, a service offered in metropolitan Sydney which combines culturally specific exercises with a motion sensor VR system. (You can read more about this program on page 65.)

Not-for-profit McLean Care’s, iAgeHealth scored the ‘Innovation of the Year – Smart Care Technology’ for its global healthcare workforce solution. This revolutionary initiative has been selected as an ACCPA InnovAGEING case study, which you find online.

Meanwhile, Kalyra in Adelaide was recognised with the ‘Innovation of the Year – Intergenerational Social Engagement’ for its focus on fostering relationships between generations, from weekly playgroups with younger children through to visits from high school students, as well as a middle school co-located with Kalyra’s Woodcroft Aged Care home.

“There is an enormous breadth of talent and passion for innovation in aged care in Australia, and we’re proud to see so many Australia-based finalists and winners at the Ageing Asia innovation awards,” said Julie.
“We’re aiming to expand our ACCPA InnovAGEING network to work with all aged care providers, suppliers, innovators and stakeholders to establish collaboration and innovation pathways in the pursuit of excellence and digital maturity for our sector.

“As we continue to develop a suite of opportunities to support innovation in aged care, we would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in being part of the ACCPA InnovAGEING network.

“Ultimately it’s about empowering the sector to innovate for better ageing for all Australians, encouraging transformation and leaving a legacy for those who follow.”

If you are a provider, vendor, supplier or researcher and would like to share your case study or get involved with ACCPA InnovAGEING please email .

Linda Baraciolli, Aged Care Today Editor and Communications Advisor, and Sharon Wilkinson, Senior Marketing and Communications Advisor, ACCPA

If you are a provider, vendor, supplier or researcher and would like to share your case study or get involved with ACCPA InnovAGEING please get in touch.

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