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COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 support and resources

ACCPA provides information and resources to assist service providers with the prevention and management of COVID-19 in aged and community care settings.

Visit this page regularly for the latest legislative updates and current guidelines on vaccination, PPE, infection prevention and control, as well as tools and advice on risk management, employment relations and workforce matters.

ACCPA also advocates to government on COVID-19 issues, representing our members’ concerns to the Department of Health and Aged Care, and providing individual member support and advice through our state offices.

COVID-19 guidance

For guidance tailored to your specific area of care, explore our quick guide sections, each dedicated to providing relevant information:

2023 National COVID-19 Health Management Plan

The 2023 National COVID-19 Health Management Plan delineates the Australian Government’s healthcare strategies for addressing COVID-19 in the upcoming year. These strategies are shaped by the anticipated epidemiological landscape in Australia for 2023 and guidance provided by the Chief Medical Officer.

Additional COVID-19 resources

Residential Aged Care COVID-19 Guidance

Residential Aged Care COVID-19 Guidance is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly residents in care facilities during a COVID-19 outbreak.

For member support and advice please contact .

The National COVID-19 Aged Care Plan, curated by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care (DoHAC), encompasses a range of publications, all available for download.

Among these resources are national guidelines developed by the Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA) for the prevention, control, and management of acute respiratory infection outbreaks, including COVID-19 and influenza, in residential care facilities in Australia.

DoHAC also offers specialised resources for health professionals and aged care providers, focusing on prevention and preparedness in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak, a few of which we have listed below.

Prevent and prepare for COVID-19 in Residential Aged Care

The guidance offers comprehensive information on preventing and preparing for COVID-19 within residential aged care settings.

This includes strategies, protocols, and best practices to safeguard residents and staff, taking into account the unique challenges faced by aged care facilities.

First 24 hours managing COVID-19 in a Residential Facility

In the event of a COVID-19 case, the guidance outlines specific actions and protocols to be implemented within the crucial first 24 hours.

Rapid and effective response during this period is essential for containing the spread of the virus and ensuring the well-being of all residents and staff.

Industry Code for visiting Aged Care Homes

To balance the importance of social connection with the need for infection control, the guidance introduces an industry code specifically addressing visiting aged care homes.

This code provides a framework for safe visitation practices, considering the vulnerability of the elderly population.

How to access and use the My Aged Care COVID-19 Support Portal

The My Aged Care COVID-19 support portal is a valuable resource for providers.

The guidance walks through the process of accessing and utilising this portal, ensuring that providers can leverage the platform effectively for the benefit of residents and staff.

Support Portal for providers reporting a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure

In the unfortunate event of a COVID-19 outbreak or exposure within a facility, the guidance directs providers to a dedicated support portal.

This portal streamlines the reporting process, facilitating a swift and coordinated response to mitigate the impact of the outbreak.

Information on emergency leave for residents and providers

Recognising the potential need for emergency leave, the guidance offers information for both residents and providers.

Clear guidelines ensure that necessary leave is granted while maintaining the safety and well-being of all involved parties.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission plays a crucial role in this guidance, providing additional insights into visitor access, COVID-19 provider resources, and lessons learned from outbreaks in 2021.

The guidance also addresses infection prevention and control through leads and spot checks, emphasising a partnership in care to support family visits during infectious outbreaks.

COVID-19 provider resources

Available resources assist providers in preparing for, responding to, managing, and mitigating a COVID-19 outbreak.

Visitors during a COVID-19 outbreak in residential aged care

These resources discuss visitor access, restrictions and essentials, while prioritising the health and safety of staff, residents and their loved ones during a COVID-19 (and other infectious diseases) outbreak.

Infection prevention and control leads

This fact sheet offers crucial updates for aged care providers on effective infection prevention and control, vital for safe and effective care delivery.

Partnership in care program

A Partnership in care program helps partners to understand what is required to enter an aged care home during an infectious outbreak.

Home and Community Care COVID-19 Guidance

Home and Community Care COVID-19 Guidance is a comprehensive set of guidelines and resources tailored to the unique challenges faced by in-home and community aged care settings during a COVID-19 outbreak.

For member support and advice please contact .

Managing COVID-19 for in-home providers

Providers of in-home aged care should implement measures to reduce the risks of COVID-19 for both elderly individuals and staff members.

Proof of Employment (PoE) letter for in-home and community aged care workers

This letter serves as verification of employment for in-home and community aged care workers, granting priority access to COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccination for home and community care recipients, workers and providers

For individuals receiving in-home and community aged care, as well as the workers and providers involved, vaccinating older Australians and their caregivers is the most effective defense against COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccination fact sheet - are you up to date?

This fact sheet provides COVID-19 vaccination information for in-home and community aged care workers.

The page and the fact sheet are both currently available in 63 languages.

Reporting workforce vaccinations

Details regarding the reporting of COVID-19 vaccinations within the aged care workforce, including reporting procedures, reporting frequency, and the purposes for utilising the reported information.

Mandatory reporting of the COVID-19 vaccination status of staff

Instructions for mandatory reporting of COVID-19 vaccination status for staff members aimed at in-home and community aged care sub-contractors.

Retirement Living and Seniors Housing COVID-19 Guidance

The Retirement Living and Seniors Housing COVID-19 Guidance information sheet provides comprehensive coverage, addressing topics such as the nature and transmission of COVID-19, symptoms, testing protocols, and the necessity for special precautions for older Australians.

It also offers guidance for residents on self-protection, social interactions, and support from friends and family, as well as specific recommendations for retirement village operators, including measures to protect residents and guidelines for workers.

For member support and advice please contact .

This information sheet covers the following topics:

General Information:

  • What is COVID-19?
  • How is it transmitted?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Is testing necessary for individuals displaying symptoms?
  • Why is it crucial to take special precautions for the protection of older Australians?

For Residents:

  • How can I safeguard myself at home?
  • Is it permissible to have contact with friends and family?
  • How can family and friends support both me and other older individuals?
  • Is leaving home allowed for exercise or outdoor activities?

For Retirement Village Operators:

  • What measures can the facility implement to protect residents and workers?
  • Under what circumstances should workers remain at home?
  • Can coronavirus be spread through food and water?
  • Should workers wear masks while on duty?
  • What adjustments should staff make to their work practices?

State/Territory websites and email addresses

State or TerritoryCOVID-19 websiteCOVID-19 support email
Australian Capital Territory (ACT)Go to the ACT Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the ACT COVID-19 email address
New South Wales (NSW)Go to the NSW Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the NSW COVID-19 email address
Northern Territory (NT)Go to the NT Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the NT COVID-19 email address
Queensland (QLD)Go to the QLD Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the QLD COVID-19 email address
South Australia (SA)Go to the SA Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the SA COVID-19 email address
Tasmania (TAS)Go to the TAS Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the TAS COVID-19 email address
Victoria (VIC)Go to the VIC Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the VIC COVID-19 email address
Western Australia (WA)Go to the WA Health - COVID-19 websiteEmail the WA COVID-19 email address