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Emergency Preparedness Planning

Aged care Emergency Preparedness planning and support

Aged Care Emergency Preparedness Planning and Support

Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in aged care facilities is of paramount importance. ACCPA provides invaluable resources to assist aged care facilities in developing comprehensive emergency management plans.

These plans are essential for addressing a range of potential crises, including natural disasters and other emergencies that may arise.

State and territory-specific resources:

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Tailored Emergency Planning for different eettings

ACCPA recognises that different settings within the aged care sector may have unique requirements. Therefore, tailored checklists are available for these three specific categories:

Residential Aged Care Emergency Planning

For residential aged care settings, ACCPA provides specific checklists honed to address the unique challenges faced in these environments. The focus is not only on general emergency preparedness but also on nuanced scenarios like heatwaves.

These tailored checklists cater to the specific vulnerabilities associated with residential care, ensuring that facilities are equipped to safeguard residents during both routine emergencies and extreme weather events.

Home and Community Care Emergency Planning

Home and Community Care providers, with their distinct set of challenges, benefit from ACCPA’s dedicated checklists. These resources offer a holistic approach, covering various aspects of emergency preparedness.

These checklists acknowledge the diverse nature of care delivery outside traditional facilities, emphasising the need for flexibility and adaptability in emergency planning.

Retirement Living and Seniors Housing Emergency Planning

Recognising the diversity within seniors’ housing, ACCPA extends its support with specialised checklists tailored to retirement living facilities.

These checklists are crafted with a nuanced understanding of the unique needs of seniors in different housing arrangements, ensuring that emergency plans are comprehensive and inclusive.

ACCPA templates for Emergency Management

ACCPA has developed a set of templates designed to guide aged care facilities through the process of creating effective emergency management plans.

These templates serve as a comprehensive foundation, guiding facilities through the intricacies of preparing for various emergencies.

Whether it’s establishing evacuation protocols, ensuring effective communication, or securing transportation options, the templates cover a spectrum of scenarios, allowing for a proactive approach to crisis management.

These templates can be customised to suit the specific needs of each facility. The following templates are available:

  • A comprehensive checklist to guide facilities in the development of their emergency plans.
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
  • Providing key considerations that facilities should take into account during the planning process.
Emergency Preparedness Consideration
Emergency Preparedness Consideration
  • A detailed checklist to ensure a smooth and organised evacuation process in the event of an emergency.
Evacuation Notification Checklist
Evacuation Notification Checklist
  • Guidelines for creating a plan for residents to shelter in place when necessary.
Sheltering in Place Checklist
Sheltering in Place Checklist
  • Guidance on transportation considerations during emergencies.
Transportation Checklist
Transportation Checklist

National Emergency Management Agency support

ACCPA’s commitment extends to collaboration with the National Emergency Management Agency, providing additional disaster recovery services and support.

This collaborative approach underscores the commitment to fostering a resilient and responsive aged care sector.