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Employment Relations

ACCPA Employment Relations Advisory Service

The ACCPA Employment Relations (ER) Team provides practical and professional advice to support aged care organisations to maximise employee performance and ensure a positive people and culture workplace. ACCPA’s expert ER team can assist Members in navigating the many challenging workplace situations that arise in aged and community care.

Advice is available over the phone (during business hours) and via email on a range of workplace matters, including:

  • Interpretation of awards, enterprise agreements and employment related legislation
  • COVID-related employment entitlements and vaccinations
  • Wages, allowances and leave entitlements
  • Attendance and absenteeism
  • Managing disciplinary issues and staff performance
  • Handling bullying complaints and other grievances
  • Union correspondence
  • New employment contract templates
  • Termination of employment

Members can access the ACCPA Employment Relations Advisory Service by calling 1300 222 721 during business hours or contact our team.

Your discussion no matter how big or small will be treated with confidence and tailored to your specific situation.

We keep it confidential

When you call or email our team, your request is treated with confidentiality and respect.
You will be in contact with one of our experienced Employment Relations specialists, who can answer your questions and advise on the best approach for your needs.

ACCPA's Employee Relations Advisory Service

Additional business support for aged care providers

We understand that all ER and HR matters are unique and that each situation deserves its own customised approach to best suit your needs. Should your ER matter require more comprehensive support, ACCPA Members and aged care providers can access additional ER business support for a small fee to be discussed with one of our team members, such as:

  • Tribunal representation (not including arbitration)
  • Complex case management alongside provider management
  • Comprehensive HR documentation reviews and drafting (e.g. policy and procedure documents and manuals and contracts of employment)
  • Industrial instrument compliance
  • Enterprise bargaining support (e.g. research, comparative reviews, wage and allowance table reviews, clause research and drafting)
  • Comprehensive bargaining service (end to end assistance with making enterprise agreements)
  • On-site HR consultancy (e.g. training and workplace change)

To have an initial discussion about comprehensive Employment Relations support, please phone 1300 222 721 during business hours or send us an email.

Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) support on sexual harassment in the workplace

Following the introduction of the new workplace sexual harassments laws, having the necessary provisions in place that protect workers and future workers from sexual harassment, as well as creating a harassment-free environment in connection with work, is crucial.

ACCPA is pleased to announce a partnership with Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA) to support members in undertaking a business health check, identify risk areas and put in place preventative measures that will reduce the risk of sexual harassment and sex-based harassment in your workplace.

To find out more about how ABLA can assist you in getting compliant with the new workplace sexual harassment legislation, or for advice and guidance, please contact us at

ABLA support on sexual harassment in the workplace

Additionally, members can also purchase a Managing Sexual Harassment ‘Positive duty’ Toolkit, featuring a ‘How-to Guide’ on managing sexual harassment and sex-based harassment ‘positive duty’ in the workplace; seven short instructional videos to guide you through the process; and 15 tools including checklists, templates, processes to follow, draft emails and a policy document to download and use immediately in your business.

The Toolkit is 39 pages in length and contains the following resources:

  • Workplace sexual harassment health check tool
  • Template sexual harassment policy
  • Sexual Harassment policy checklist
  • Sexual Harassment policy acknowledgement form
  • Template emails to staff
  • Talking points document
  • Posters for your workplace
  • Risk assessment checklist
  • First responder script and questionnaire
  • Fact sheet on supporting employees involved in a complaint
  • Step by step process to handling complaints
  • Formal investigation guide
  • Incident record form
  • Prevention record template