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Implementing SIRS in Home and Community Care Webinar

Webinar overview:

From 1 December 2022, the Serious Incident Response Scheme will be extended from residential aged care to home and community care.  

This webinar will answer your questions on: 

  • Does SIRS apply also to CHSP? 
  • How does SIRS in home care differ from residential care? 
  • What are “alleged” or “suspected” incidents? 
  • What should not be reported to the ACQSC? 
  • Is it mandatory to report an incident, even if a client requests not to? 
  • What if a client with dementia accuses a worker of stealing? 
  • Does SIRS apply to sub/contractors, students and volunteers? 
  • How should I update my incident management system? 
  • What is involved in investigating a serious incident? 
  • What will happen when a serious incident is reported? 
  • How is SIRS related to open disclosure and complaints management? 

Jane Floyd, ACCPA’s Home Care Subject Matter Expert, will unpack key elements, explore case studies in home and community care settings and introduce ACCPA’s two quality systems that are affordable, and flexible which assist providers to maintain compliance and report incidents with confidence.  

More information about systems here: 


Who should attend: 

Home Care and Community Care providers, CEOs and Executive Leaders, Senior Managers, Team Leaders, Quality Assurance Managers 


Outcomes of this webinar:

  • Understand the underpinning principles of the Serious Incident Reporting Scheme 
  • Explore the 8 types of reportable incidents currently under the SIRS for residential providers 
  • Explore implications for the home and community care providers of the extension of SIRS from 1 December 2022 
  • Unpack case studies demonstrating the difference between Priority 1 and Priority 2 incidents 
  • Explore incident management system processes and procedures used to prevent, manage and respond to incidents.

About the facilitators:

Jane Floyd is based in Sydney and holds post graduate qualifications in Commerce, Marketing, Management, Public Relations, Communication Management and Government Administration. Jane is a qualified Internal Auditor with more than 20 years’ experience in health, home and community care. Jane is an experienced non-executive director on health and aged care boards.

Jane provides specialist advice and consultation services to home and community care providers on a range of business needs. These include organisational and clinical governance, customer experience reviews, change management, quality performance reviews, training and development, risk and compliance, strategic planning, business performance and assisting providers respond to non-compliance audits and sanctions.

Danielle Winzenried is an ACCPA Aged Care Advisor, in ACCPA’s Support and Advisory Team. Danielle is based in West Australia and regularly engages with providers, state and Commonwealth authorities, and related stakeholders regarding compliance. She has a keen interest in supporting providers to meet the challenges of the regulatory space. With a legal and community development background, Danielle applies a person-centred approach to the analysis and implementation of quality care principles in the operational environment. 

Date:  6 December 2022

Time: 2:00pm-3.00pm AEDT

Cost:  ACCPA Member: FREE
           Non Member: $95 Inc GST