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Fostering excellence in aged care services through innovation and continuous improvement.

InnovAGEING is dedicated to shaping the future of aged care through transformative technology and innovation. 

At our very heart lies ACCPA’s commitment to continuous improvement across the sector, ensuring better outcomes for older Australians and fostering excellence in care delivery.

The purpose of InnovAGEING is to champion sector-led initiatives that are evidence-based and scalable, driving impactful change throughout the aged care sector.

We do this by:

  • leveraging data insights and supporting collaboration of innovation leaders to drive continuous improvement across the sector
  • enabling best practice technology in support of a sustainable and responsive sector
  • listening to the sector and translating evidence-based research into practice
  • empowering our workforce and building skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a transformative landscape.

Collaboration and networking have been the cornerstone of the InnovAGEING approach through the years.

We are dedicated to securing opportunities that support innovation at every stage, from inception to maturity, on matters that have the most impact.

Now we intend to expand those opportunities and build on strong foundations, creating better pathways, connecting providers with solutions, supporting system and process development, using data insights and local and international research to help accelerate learnings across the industry.

How to get involved:

If you are an aged care provider, supplier or vendor and would like to get involved with ACCPA InnovAGEING please get in touch with us.

Data insights

Harnessing data insights

Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, InnovAGEING seeks to leverage data insights to support continuous improvement and build community trust and confidence.

Sector engagement:

Aged Care Roundtable driving continuous improvement and innovation

At a time of significant change, we have a once in a generation chance to get aged care right. An Aged Care Roundtable provides a strong evidence base for sector transformation.

We are conducting a feasibility study into the formation of an aged care roundtable, we envisage this would be ACCPA led for the primary benefit of ACCPA members.

Planned member and sector engagement activities include:

  1. Targeted consultation with providers and key stakeholders
  2. Broad engagement and consultation through communications, surveys and meeting forums
  3. Environmental scan of existing data collection and data systems in the aged care sector
  4. Co-design of proposed metrics
  5. Final report outcomes review
  6. Pilot and implementation planning


To participate in the feasibility study for an aged care roundtable, please contact .


Enabling best practice technology

The use of cutting-edge technology for data collection and analysis or even robotics, can help aged care providers drive continuous improvement by working smarter.

We strive to empower providers with tools that enhance productivity and elevate the consumer experience.

Sector engagement:

innovation and collaboration

ACCPA is working to review and redesign the InnovAGEING collaboration forums with a clear purpose to bring together key stakeholders, fostering collaboration, generating ideas, sharing insights, solving problems, and driving positive change through innovation and technology transformation.

The forums will also discuss and inform ACCPA policy initiatives related to innovation, research and development, and other relevant areas and to take steps towards implementing innovative initiatives that can create positive change and impact across the sector.

Please contact  for more information on  collaboration activities.

Sector engagement:

Technology advancements

ACCPA is working with the aged care sector to develop strategies that will enhance the efficiency and accuracy of care by adapting innovative technologies to support the transformation and digital maturity of aged care.

If you are a provider, supplier or vendor working to revolutionise or optimise aged care, please contact .

Sector engagement:

Associate partnership and enabling vendor program

ACCPA’s associate partnership program supports the connection of members and associates who embrace shared ethical principles. To complement the existing associate partnership program, we are co-designing a vendor and supplier value proposition, providing organisations additional benefits specific to innovation and technology transformation.

If you are a supplier or vendor working to transform aged care through technology and innovation, please contact .

Research and development

Translating research into practice

We understand the importance of bridging the gap between research and implementation.

By actively listening to the sector InnovAGEING aims to translate evidence-based research into actionable strategies, enhancing services to better the lives of older Australians.

Sector engagement:

Research opportunities

We are seeking to forge collaborative networks with aged care research organisations. The collaborations will connect a range of expertise and specialist skills, inform priorities for and access to insights from research and surveys, promote evidence-based initiatives, policy and advocacy and translation of research to practice.

We are looking for research opportunities, reports and insights on best practice technology and innovation in aged care. Please contact for more information.

Capacity Building

Empower sector led innovation

In a rapidly evolving landscape, equipping the workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge is paramount.

InnovAGEING is committed to empowering aged care professionals with the tools and training they need to thrive in an era of transformative change and to nurture sector led innovation.

Sector engagement:

ACCPA Strategic Innovation Program

ACCPA’s Strategic Innovation Program is designed for aged care and community boards and executives to futureproof and enhance strategic innovation.

Developed in partnership with Crazy Might Work, this two-day face-to-face program will unlock your creative genius, inspiring innovative solutions to: 

  • Confront blind spots to reimagine your business model.
  • Change the culture from compliance to excellence through innovation.
  • Manage risk appetite like a boss using edgy experiments.
  • Develop a compelling organisational vision and strategic narrative for greater engagement.

Join us in creating a culture of innovation that will propel us to new heights. Coming to Brisbane and Sydney in in August 2024 (two days, face to face, from 9am – 4.30pm AEST. More details coming soon.

To find out more, please email .

ACCPA Strategic Innovation Showcase

Want a more personal experience?

The strategic innovation program can be tailored specifically for your board and/or executive team to redesign and adapt your organisation for the future.

Contact us to explore the opportunities or for a proposal for this customised, in-house version of Strategic Innovation program.

The entire program is two days, face-to-face, but can be customised to suit your needs and operating cadence: