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ACCPA member information hub

This hub is a central repository of member related support and resources to help ACCPA members understand and optimise the various membership benefits available to you and your teams.

We are proud to represent over 1,000 providers of residential aged care, home and community care, retirement living and seniors housing and thank you for your ongoing support.

We value the trust you have placed in us to support you in the provision of aged care services, and to advocate for a better aged care system in Australia.

We look forward to supporting you in the delivery of quality care to older Australians.

ACCPA Member Guide

The ACCPA Member Guide is a wealth of information on all our service offerings and member benefits, with details on how to access each of those services. Please feel free to distribute this document to all staff in your organisation.

ACCPA Members' Charter

The ACCPA Members’ Charter articulates the things that ACCPA and our members aspire to and value, and states our shared commitment to quality and continuous improvement in the provision of services to older Australians.

Proudly showcase your membership and your commitment to enhancing the lives of older Australians

ACCPA member certificate and window decal

We encourage you to proudly display these brand resources to show your commitment to supporting a better aged care for all older Australians.

ACCPA members will receive a copy of their membership certificate and window sticker decal by mail when they renew their membership.

ACCPA member logo 2024-25

Download the 2024-25 ACCPA member logo and display:

  • on the footer of your company email signature
  • on your company website (recommended on the website footer or the homepage)
  • on your marketing collateral or at your events, or
  • on your print or online advertising and promotions.

Download the member logo usage guidelines.


Help shape the aged care industry and our advocacy agenda

As a ‘one voice’ collective, our members shape everything we do.

Your feedback and insights help to inform our policy design and advocacy agenda, so as a member we invite you to join our various special interest groups, state or national forums, and member engagement meetings where you can speak with us directly, raise any issues or challenges that you may be facing, and let us know how we can help.

Stay in the know and develop industry knowledge and insight

As a member, your organisation will also begin to receive a number of ACCPA communications, to keep you up to date with the latest in aged care.

We encourage you to read these alerts which will also include the many ways that you can get involved in supporting and contributing to proactive and positive change for the aged care services industry – so keep an eye out for ACCPA emails requesting your feedback.

ACCPA EDM Member Alert
ACCPA Associate Partner Advertising
State and Territory news

Get access to member only expert advice and support

Access ACCPA support

We have a team of expert member advice and support professionals available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, who can assist you on a range of aged care related matters – including guidance on everything from the latest government mandates, or compliance obligations, to workforce relations, or emergency planning preparedness and other topics that may impact your operations.

Please visit the contact us page to get in touch – use the ‘select mailbox’ feature within the ‘contact us’ online form to send your enquiry to the relevant ACCPA mailbox. You can also phone ACCPA during business hours on 1300 222 721.

Access ACCPA associate partner services

Our associate partner directory allows members to search and access the details of over 300 associate partners, and find the support services that fulfil your business requirements. You can also view partner news, events and offers exclusive to members.

Connect with industry thought-leaders at our events

Access our events and programs that can help you, and your team, to learn new skills, gain insights and meet peers from the aged care services industry. We encourage you to view our what’s on calendar and attend those that are relevant and useful to you.

Our annual ACCPA National Conference, held in October each year, and our local State Conferences, are a must attend for all aged care professionals.


ACCPA National Conference
Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia
23-25 October 2024

Grow your success with our professional development opportunities

We offer a range of professional development opportunities for you and your team – from leaders to those entering the workforce – to support knowledge building and career growth.

We are committed to building the capacity of our workforce and offer a suite of training programs and workshops to support specific roles within the sector as featured on our What’s on webpage.

Take advantage of our various product and service offerings.

As a member, you will have access to a broad range of additional product and service offerings, at discounted member rates. We invite you to click the buttons below to learn more about our sector support and service offerings to better support the provision of care and your every-day business operations.

Celebrate successes, build awareness and recognition of your organisation

Our industry-wide recognition programs support lifting the profile of the aged care sector.

Our ‘You are ACE!‘ campaign recognises excellence as it happens across residential aged care, home and community care, retirement living and seniors housing. The strongest You are ACE! nominations become finalists as part of the ACCPA Excellence Awards.

Aged Care Employee Day is celebrated on August 7 each year and is a day to recognise the contributions of those who work in the sector.

Aged Care Employee Day, hosted by ACCPA, celebrates more than 370,000 aged and community care staff who care for over 1.5 million older Australians.

Let your social media following know about your ACCPA membership

We have developed a series of social media tiles that you can use across your social platforms as yet another way to demonstrate your commitment to supporting and improving the lives of older Australians.

Simply download the supporting social media images and copy and share tagging @ACCPAAustralia across LinkedIn, Facebook and X

Click here to download the social media tiles and images to support your post.

Facebook and LinkedIn

We are proud members of @Aged&CommunityCareProvidersAssociation, Australia’s national association for aged, community care and housing services, with a shared vision to enhance the wellbeing of ageing Australians. We are working together to achieve a better quality of life for the many people relying on our care – your family, friends and those within our community who have made a meaningful impact on our lives. For more information visit

#ACCPA #ACCPAMember #AgedCare

X (previously Twitter)

We are proud members of @ACCPAAustralia, Australia’s national association aged, community care and housing services, and we’re working together to achieve a better quality of life for the many people relying on our care.

#ACCPA #ACCPAMember #AgedCare

…and so much more!

 If you would like more information on ways to maximise your ACCPA membership, please reach out to your state or territory manager for a discussion.

Alternatively, please visit the contact us page to get in touch – use the ‘select mailbox’ feature within the ‘contact us’ online form to send your enquiry to the relevant ACCPA mailbox. You can also phone ACCPA during business hours on 1300 222 721.