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Members’ Charter

The ACCPA Members’ Charter articulates the things that ACCPA and our Members aspire to and value, and states our shared commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

This Charter outlines what ACCPA and our Members value and the ways in which we expect to operate and support each other in the provision of services to older Australians. The Charter describes the desired behaviours and expectations of ACCPA and its Members. These describe to the sector and service users the basis on which we operate as an association.

In stating our expected values and behaviours this Charter reflects the purpose of ACCPA to lead, advocate and provide support, advice, and guidance to aged care providers to ensure a high performing, trusted and sustainable aged care sector, so that older Australians can live their best lives. Further the Charter articulates ACCPA Members’ commitment to quality, safety and compassion in the provision of their services.

Processes for the administration and governance of the Charter have been endorsed by the ACCPA Board and are summarised in our Members’ Charter Flowchart.

The Members’ Charter Panel is responsible for the governance of the Charter, including the processes to respond to any concerns raised with regards to adherence to the Charter. 

ACCPA Chairman Dr Graeme Blackman AO and CEO Tom Symondson launch the Members’ Charter.

If you are concerned the Charter is not being upheld

If you have concerns that the Charter is not being upheld by ACCPA or one of its Members, please click the ‘make a complaint’ button and provide specific details of your concerns on the complaint form, which will be brought to the attention of the Members’ Charter Panel.

Not all issues raised in this process may be investigated as there are often other channels through which concerns can be more appropriately resolved. The Members’ Charter Panel will provide details of these during their assessment of any concern.