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Retirement Living Code of Conduct registration


Thank you for your interest in the Retirement Living Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct requires that signatories agree to audit their compliance, act to rectify any failings as necessary, and annually provide written confirmation to the Code Administrator of their compliance.  The Annual Compliance Checklist and Statement accessible here must be submitted to the Code Administrator in order to be officially certified as Code compliant.


From 1 January 2020 operators claiming to be Code Compliant must annually certify that they have met the Commitments of the Code.

Upon submission of the Annual Compliance Checklist and Annual Compliance Statement, the Code Administrator will acknowledge receipt and issue a subscription invoice. Upon payment of the subscription fees, a Compliance Certificate will be issued and the Code Register updated.

Compliance System:

Code signatories commit to maintaining an in-house system for Code compliance.


As detailed in the Code of Conduct, the Code Administrator may initiate an audit of Code compliance.

Where a Code Signatory has also embarked upon industry accreditation through the Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme (ARVAS), signatories will be independently audited on adherence to the Code of Conduct as a part of that accreditation.

On the next page we'll ask you for a few details about you and the company you're intending to register for the Code of Conduct, and then we'll move onto the compliance checklist.

Terms and Conditions

Retirement Living Code Administration Pty Ltd (ACN 637 232 618) (“RLCA”) is the owner and administrator of the Retirement Living Code of Conduct (the “Code”) and has provided this registration form to enables third parties to self-certify against the Code (“Registration Form”).

The Registration Form is provided for you to conduct your own self-certification process against the Code. RLCA does not represent or warrant the validity, accuracy or completeness of your self-certification or representation of compliance with the Code. RLCA does not accept any responsibility for loss suffered as a result of any third party’s reliance on the validity, accuracy or currency of any information in connection with your self-certification or representation of compliance with the Code.

Neither we nor any of our affiliates accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused (including through negligence), which any person may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with or arising from your use of the Registration Form or self-certification under the Code. By conducting the self-certification process, and representing yourself as compliant with the Code, you agree to indemnify RLCA and our affiliates against all actions, claims and demands (including the cost of defending or settling any action, claim or demand) which may be brought against RLCA arising in connection with or arising from your use of the Registration Form or self-certification under the Code. This disclaimer does not attempt or purport to exclude liability to the extent such liability cannot be excluded by law.

These terms must be read in conjunction with any other applicable terms governing the use of this Registration Form including the Survey Monkey terms of use which are accessible here, as amended from time to time.

RLCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Property Council of Australia Limited (ACN 008 474 422). Property Council of Australia and RLCA form part of the Property Council of Australia group of companies. The Property Council of Australia Group operate The Property Council of Australia Group reserve the right to publish information (specifically, the names) of users who have conducted the self-certification process through the Registration Form. By using the Registration Form, you consent to your information being published on and to RLCA collecting and using your information in its capacity as administrator of the Code. To the extent permitted by law, Property Council of Australia excludes any liability in connection with the Code and the Registration Form.

We undertake to comply with the terms of the Privacy Policy of the Property Council of Australia Group, as amended from time to time. This policy is accessible here.

We may modify these terms at any time, and such modifications will become effective immediately upon posting the modified terms on the Registration Form.

Please complete the following details:

*Your name:

* Contact details

The information above will enable us to invoice your company's Code subscription and follow up with you about any other information we may require.

Fees for an annual Retirement Living Code of Conduct subscription are:

$200 per village + $2.50 per unit (+GST) for Property Council and ACCPA member organisations
$500 per village + $6.25 per unit (+GST) for all other organisations
A $100 (+GST) per village initial application fee is also applicable for all new Code subscriptions. 

Next we'll ask you to certify your communities' compliance with the Code of Conduct. This certification applies to each of the communities your company owns and/or operates. You must tick all boxes to be eligible to be certified under the Code.

Annual Compliance Checklist

General Provisions

Annual Compliance Checklist

Moving into the Community

Annual Compliance Checklist

Living in the Community

Annual Compliance Statement

By ticking the box below, you confirm that you have completed the checklist for Code self-assessment and will: • comply with the relevant Code Commitments during the period of registration • follow the complaints-handling requirements of the Code • follow any advice provided by the Code Administrator and Code Review Panel
Today's date Date


Thanks for completing your Retirement Living Code of Conduct community self-assessment.

You will receive an email from us shortly with an invoice to pay for your Code of Conduct subscription.

In the email, if you have registered multiple villages, you will also receive a template spreadsheet to list those villages you are registering for the Code. 

When you remit payment and return the spreadsheet, these villages will be listed as code compliant on and registration certificates will be forwarded for display in each village.

In the meantime, if you have any questions on the Code of Conduct, please contact us at .